Carl Nicoleau, MD, Ph.D.

A View From The Front Line

At 67 years old, New York practitioner, Carl Nicoleau, MD. Ph.D. understands the importance of being involved in the battle against novel coronavirus first-hand. Doctors with his level of education and experience are on short order at the best of times. Now, as life continues to drastically change on a daily basis, Dr. Nicoleau has decided to enter the risky world of COVID-19 testing, all because he knows in his heart that it's a noble cause, and the right thing to do. 

Simply put: In his late 60s with such an enviable track record, Carl Nicoleau does not need to be doing in-office coronavirus testing; he has chosen to. 

Dr. Nicoleau was educated at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. He is committed to making patients’ comfort a priority, and to providing the best care possible.  He also has a very interesting history of creating widespread exposure for his practice and its subsidiaries, all thanks to his keen business and advertising acumen. He has been featured multiple times in the mainstream media throughout the country, including ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. His work has been recognized globally and he is the recipient of countless awards and certifications.

Before coronavirus 19 came along, Carl Nicoleau focused on his chosen areas of expertise: sleep medicine and internal medicine. These days, however, his time is split as he treats hundreds of patients per week for maladies of all kinds, including COVID-19. He is also now practicing via telemedicine, which enables him to practice remotely in other states for the first time. 

According to a brand new, March 21, 2020 news article, Dr. Nicoleau spends much of his time right now worrying about where he can possibly find enough N95 masks and protective gear to cover his whole team and, of course, himself. For additional reading on Carl Nicoleau check out his official website and his sleep medicine website.

What People Are Saying:

"Dr Carl Nicoleau is the best doctor I have been to in a long time. The staff was courteous and Dr Nicoleau was caring and answered all my questions. I'm so glad I finally have a new doctor with minimal waiting time."

"Great Doctor. Very thorough. I think I have found my doctor."

"Very personable, highly accommodating, and great at explaining the intricacies of medicine."