Here's Why Telemedicine Might Be For You.


How Does Telemedicine Work?

Good question -- and the answer is very simple. Have you ever Skyped or FaceTimed with someone before? Well, it's the same principle, only instead of talking to family, friends or business associates, you're talking to your doctor. In this case that doctor is the well-known and respected Carl Nicoleau, MD, Ph.D. Telemedicine, or telehealth, is a growing facet of medicine which allows for remote patient care when the provider and patient are not physically present with each other. Utilizing HIPAA compliant video-conferencing tools, doctors are able to consult patients. Once the patient is fully set up, office visits will mostly be a thing of the past for that person. Believe it or not, telemedicine can be used to measure pulse, blood pressure, EKG, sugar levels and countless other health factors. Dr. Nicoleau is even considering utilizing this revolutionary technology to enhance treatment of sleep medicine, his first and greatest passion in medicine.

Dr. Nicoleau has been a big proponent of this technological breakthrough since its inception. After following telemedicine closely for many years to ensure it was the right fit for he and his clients, Dr. Nicoleau finally implemented the required platform... and he hasn't looked back. In addition to allowing Dr. Nicoleau to create a comfortable experience for those who would otherwise not be able to see him, this process also drastically reduces crowd size in waiting and examination room areas. This is especially appealing for many in this era of global pandemic.  


What's The Connection Between Telemedicine and COVID-19?

If a patient is especially concerned about exposure to the virus, instead of coming directly to the office, Dr. Nicoleau's famously friendly staff would set up a telemedicine appointment. This patient would be screened rapidly and given a second, face-to-face appointment, and then brought into the designated, quarantined area to be tested. 

If you're reading this as a last resort and thinking to yourself, This sounds like a big hassle! or I don't even understand this! please give it a chance. It is an infinitely better alternative to doing nothing at all. Trust us.